Alternate Titles to G. A. Henty Books

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Below is a list of known alternate titles to G. A. Henty books. Some of these alternate titles were used for extracts of the complete work. The alternate title is followed by the title used on this website which is also the principle title of the work.

Alternate Title #1Alternate Title #2Our Title
A Girl of the Commune   A Woman of the Commune
A Highland Chief  In Freedom's Cause
A Tale of the Peninsular War   The Young Buglers
A Tale of Waterloo  One of the 28th
Among the Bushrangers   A Final Reckoning
An Indian Raid   Redskin and Cow-Boy
Cast Ashore Under   Drake's Flag
Facing Peril   Facing Death
Fighting the Saracens   Winning His Spurs
In the Days of the Mutiny  Rujub, the Juggler
The Boy Knight   Winning His Spurs
The Brahmin's Treasure   Colonel Thorndyke's Secret
The Two Prisoners   A Soldier's Daughter
The Young CaptainCharlie Marryat With Clive in India
The Young Midshipman   A Chapter of Adventures
The Young PatriotCornet Walter Orange and Green
Two Sieges Cuthbert Hartington A Woman of the Commune
Two Sieges of Paris   A Woman of the Commune