The Sleeping Princess of Nulland

Robinson Books

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The Sleeping Princess of Nulland
By: Aaron Jagt (2016)

Priscilla is a girl who has given up on the world. Her father has died, and everyday life is meaningless and tormenting. She retreats to a world of her own called Nulland, which she is determined to make better than the one she left behind.

Priscilla is pursued into Nulland by her three friends, two sisters and a brother named Samantha, Cynthia, and John, each of whom are intent  on saving Priscilla in their own way- which can mean helping but often means hindering Priscilla in her efforts.

In her search for a better life Priscilla is increasingly frustrated by each new failure and driven to greater and greater efforts which eventually sweep entire nations up with her into a blind and treacherous future.

Illustrated by: Leah Jagt
387 pages