Robinson Curriculum Vocabulary Flash Cards

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Vocabulary Flashcards - 8 Box Set
Makes Vocabulary Words Easier to Learn

The Robinson Curriculum contains printable flash cards for the 6,464 vocabulary words keyed to the core read order of books from 4-150.  Each book has between 15 and 50 words with definitions and context sentences associated with it.  This vocabulary gives your child's mind active knowledge of a set of words that enable them to think and understand with greater clarity.

We now offer the complete set of 6,464 Robinson Curriculum Vocabulary Flash Cards in a convenient eight box set. Flash cards are a great way to help increase vocabulary word retention.  Each flash card has a number on the front that corresponds to its associated book in the Robinson Curriculum core reading order. The back of the cards are numbered with the card's position in the vocabulary list. Each card gives both the definition and a sentence completion for its vocabulary word.

Learning all 6,464 of these words is a great way to help your child ace the verbal section of the SAT test.

Note: These Vocabulary Flash Cards are included in Version 2.2 of the Robinson Curriculum and can be printed from there.