Access to Energy - 5 Volume Set

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Access to Energy - 5 Volume Set

By Petr Beckmann and Arthur Robinson

Access to Energy is a Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Free Enterprise monthly newsletter that discusses scientific issues that are of special importance to the public interest. The text is writen in laymans terms and also includes references to the scientific literature in support of the conclusions reached. Access to Energy was started in 1973 by Dr. Petr Beckmann to support the United States nuclear power industry that was under assault by the anti-technology fear mongers of the day.  He published it for 20 years until his death in 1993. Since 1993, Access to Energy has been written and published by Dr. Art Robinson, president of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. 

Written in an entertaining popular style, Access to Energy urges readers not to "trust and parrot" the politically motivated statements of the press, politicians, and other self-interested parties. It even urges that readers not "trust and parrot" Access to Energy itself, but provides experimental data and references such that its readers can reach their own conclusions.

This five volume set contains all 45 years of publications. Also included with each set is CD-Rom containing the entire 45 years in a searchable PDF format.