At the Point of the Bayonet

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At the Point of the Bayonet: A Tale of the Mahratta War
By: G. A. Henty (1901)

One hundred years ago the rule of the British in India was only partly established. The powerful Mahrattas were unsubdued, and with their skill in intrigue, and great military power, they were exceedingly dangerous. The story of "At the Point of the Bayonet" begins with the attempt to conquer this powerful people. Harry Lindsay, an infant when his father and mother were killed, was saved by his Mahratta ayah, who carried him to her own people and brought him up as a native. She taught him as 'best she could, and, having told him his parentage, sent him to Bombay to be educated. At sixteen he obtained a commission in the English army, and his knowledge ofthe Mahrattatongue combined with his ability and bravery enabled him to render great service in the Mahratta War, and carried him, through many frightful perils by land and sea, to high rank.

410 pages