The Nature of Negative Numbers

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The Nature of Negative Numbers - 3rd Edition
By Peter F. Erickson

There is a famous number that contradicts the real law of signs. That number is √-1. Some regard this exception to be a member of its own tiny number system, whereas others hold that it is something else that only looks like a number. Its ontological status will be established in the course of this book.

More importantly, another number system that has been invented by the author will be presented. Based upon a different law of signs, it is fully consistent with square roots of negative numbers. This is the veritable number system. The implications are immense. 



Kirkus Review - January 2012

Erickson delves into the nature of numbers, what they are, how we have formulated them throughout history, where we've gone wrong and how can fix it. 

In this numeric exploration, Erickson exposes inconsistencies in the way that the real number system has been structured. Starting from the nature of real numbers together with their basic operations such as subtraction and multiplication of signed numbers. Erickson finds that there are flaws in how we view negative numbers; their roots lie in both our structure of the number line and the notion that the removal of a deficit is equivalent to giving a gift. To resolve these issues, the author presents his own number system, what he terms the "veritable" number system. ... The author's ideas and reasoning are compelling. ..."

A fascinating look at some of the underlying issues behind numbers - negative numbers in particular.

Clarion Review - February 2012

"... in the equation (+6) - (-3) = +9 ... generations of students were taught that two negatives make a positive. Such sleight of hand is ambiguous.

"Erickson will have none of this. ...

"The material is complex but the language is precise and the reasoning convincing. Readers must be well-versed in algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, number theory, and elementary calculus. An adequate knowledge of these concepts is assumed in order to understand Erickson's presentation.

". ... The author's non-conformist attitude toward accepted number theory allied with a lucid narrative makes this book an interesting and thought-provoking read for mathematicians and scientists."

                                   - Thomas H. Brennan

About the Author:

Peter F. Erickson graduated, Phi Beta Kappa, from Stanford University. In 1975 he wrote Introduction To The Tripartite System. Therein, a new monetary system was proposed, one designed to obviate the eventual doom of the U.S. dollar. In 1997 came forth The Stance of Atlas, a critical review of Ayn Rand's philosophy and especially of her epistemology. The first paper, on the veritable number system was copyrighted and distributed in 1999. Passport To Poverty: The 90's Stock Market And What It Can Still Do To You appeared in 2003. In 2006, the first edition of what is now called "The Nature of Infinitesimals" was published in 2012. The latest edition came out in 2016. 

Hardcover - 184 Pages

ISBN: 9-781590-872635