G.A. Henty Deluxe Collection

Robinson Books

$ 1,149.00 


Our premium Christmas collection which contains all of our G. A. Henty products in one super deal. This package includes 101 Henty books with the same original typesetting and cover art from the original editions created in Scotland over a century ago. We also include 24 Henty books in audio book form, read by master storyteller Jim Hodges. Jim Hodges not only reads the story, he gives each character as special voice and personality causing them to come alive as the story is read.  The third Item in our package are three special audio dramatizations of In Freedom's Cause, Under Drakes Flag, and With Lee in Virginia. Produced by Heirloom Audio, these theater of the mind productions provide a unique new way to experience the adventures of G.A. Henty.


Complete product listing includes:

  • 101 G. A. Henty original format books 
  • 24 G. A. Henty Audio books read by Jim Hodges
  • 3 G. A. Henty Audio Drama's produced by Heirloom Audio