G.A. Henty Starter Collection

Robinson Books

$ 33.00 


Our G.A. Henty starter collection is a great way to introduce a child (or adult) to these great stories. The starter collection includes three of Henty's finest stories. 

  •  Bonnie Prince Charlie is the story of one of the most romantic expeditions of all time. Our hero Ronald Leslie joins the Prince Charles Stuart as he strives to regain the crown of Scotland back from the house of Hanover. Ronald is with the prince from the time of his landing on the shores of Scotland with only seven companions to his disastrous defeat on the field of Culloden. (A personal favorite of Matthew Robinson, who has probably read it over a dozen times!)
  • The Lion of St. Mark is a story of Venice during the height of that maritime power.
  • A Knight of the White Cross is the story of Gervaise Tresham, who joins the Order of the Knights of St. John stationed at the stronghold of Rhodes. The depiction of the stand of the knights holding the breach against the Turkish invaders is Henty at his finest.